Closed source
In-browser use

A great way to start learning 3D modeling. TinkerCAD is a simple, in-browser 3D modeling software tool based on combining primitive shapes. Shapes can be combined with boolean operations (add or subtract) to create more complex forms. Complex, parametric shapes can also be created using the shape generator scripting language. There is a library of easy-to-use, community-contributed shape generators accessible within TinkerCAD.

TinkerCAD is free to use, but new users must first create an account in order to log-in. To create an account, click on "Sign Up" at the top-right of the homepage. It was founded in 2011 and acquired by Autodesk in 2013.

Note : Several users may be signed into the same account and work on different projects at the same time.

Guides and additional resources


Key concepts in TinkerCAD to show participants

  • The workplane
  • Zoom in/out (scroll)
  • Rotation of the viewpoint (right-click and move mouse)
  • Reset the viewpoint ("Home view" button)
  • Pan view (hold shift + right-click, and move mouse)
  • Sidebar with various parts and how to place them on the workplane
  • The geometric primitives ("Basic Shapes" tab) available in the sidebar
  • The solid vs hole state of a shape
  • Selecting an object (left-click)
  • Selecting multiple objects (hold shift + left-click)
  • Using a selection box (hold left-click and move mouse, release left-click)
  • Group / ungroup multiple objects (adding / subtracting)
  • Handles for scaling and translating objects