The masks / lvl. 1


Learning goals:
  • practice creative drawing
  • introduction to the 3D printing process

The goal of this workshop is to provide an introductory demonstration of 3D printing and its use. The workshop is very light on time spent 3D modeling. Participants draw a design on paper and then, using @DoodleToSTL, we transform the drawing into a 3D printed mask.


1. Introduction and presentation of 3D printing - 15 mins

Introduction of the world of 3D printing with video and presentation.

2. Overview of the activity - 5 mins

Briefly explain the flow of steps for the day's activity.
What will the participants do? : Create a mask from a drawing on paper
Which software will be used? : DoodleToSTL

3. Distribute a piece of paper and a marker to each participant - 2 mins

4. Demonstrate how to make a drawing which will work well - 5 min

Important : The drawing must have thick lines (at least 2 mm)

See the software instructions here : DoodleToSTL

6. Participants draw their masks - 10–15 min

Once participants have finished, use your smartphone or tablet to take a photo of each drawing. Tweet (send a message on twitter for) each photo to @DoodleToSTL.

For more information, see the software instructions : DoodleToSTL

7. 3D printing - 30–45 mins

Print one or two masks at a time.
Note : A mask typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to print.


Materials needed :

  • # participants x blank draft or scrap paper
  • # participants x felt marker (sharpie)